Serving Arizona Since 1948

In 1948, Fred Kalil and his father, Frank, founded Kalil Bottling Co. in Tucson, Arizona.  The original building was on 5th Street and Frank and his wife lived in the house next door, their kitchen serving as the original syrup mixing room.

71 years later, Kalil Bottling operates out of four locations and across the southwest, with the support of more than 700 employees, 3rd and 4th generation family members, and a large truck and vehicle fleet. Today, Kalil Bottling distributes in a day what was once months' worth of business for the Good Guys at Kalil.


Major brands handled by Kalil Bottling include 7UP, bai, Squirt, BODYARMOR, RC Cola, Canada Dry, Snapple, CORE Hydration + Organic, Calypso Lemonades, Clamato, AriZona Tea, A&W Root Beer, Sunkist, Deja Blue Water, Alkaline88 Water, Big Red, Vernors, Diet Rite, Yoohoo, Cactus Cooler and more.


John Kalil

George Kalil


George Kalil has worked at the family business since he was 10 years old, spending weekends and summers at the Tucson plant sweeping floors, sorting bottles and placing them in the bottle-washing machine. He assumed his first full-time job delivering CO2 cylinders when he was a high school sophomore.

George has been President of Kalil Bottling Co. since 1970. Under his leadership, operations have expanded from Tucson into all of Arizona, much of New Mexico, the El Paso area of Texas and the Durango area of Colorado.


George is President of the Royal Crown Bottlers' Association and serves on the Board of Directors for the SevenUp Bottlers' Association. He was a founding member of the Arizona Beverage Industry Recycling Program and served on the Board of Directors of the American Beverage Association in Washington, D.C.

George was elected to the Beverage Industry Hall of Fame in 1992.  He has received several notable accolades over the years, including Beverage Industry's "Executive of the Year" in 1998, the Retail Grocers' Association of Arizona's "Supplier of the Year" in 1991, the "Arizona Small Business Person of the Year" in 1981, and the Exchange Club of Tucson's prestigious Golden Service Award in 1979.


George is a 3rd generation Kalil and has been supporting and traveling with the University of Arizona men's basketball team since 1972. In 45 years, he's only missed a handful of games.  Bear down!

Like George, John Kalil is a 3rd generation Kalil. All four of John's children work at Kalil Bottling, carrying on the family tradition that is a 4th generation family business.

A graduate of the University of Arizona and a native Tucsonian, John's roots have always been in Arizona. Growing up, he worked at Kalil in Tucson and spent part of a summer in Phoenix living in a motorhome with his dad helping to move the Phoenix warehouse to a larger location.

Even though he was born in Tucson, John really began to "see" Arizona after he moved to Phoenix in 1975. Shortly after arriving, he traveled to all corners of the state, visiting customers in towns he had never heard of. That is when his appreciation for "all things Arizona" really began to grow, as the state of Arizona grew.  


In the late 70's, his first trip to the Navajo Nation (originally expected to be 3 or 4 days long) lasted for 10 days, as he went from trading post to trading post introducing Kalil's products to a new market. Today, John manages Kalil's newest distribution facility in Tempe. 

John serves on the Board of Directors of the American Beverage Association, Washington, DC, and is the current  president of the Arizona Soft Drink Association. He is one of the original founders of both Phoenix Clean and Beautiful and Arizona Clean and Beautiful, and was the recipient of Beverage World Magazine's "Green Award" in 1993.

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